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Learn Hebrew for Free

June 27, 2017

Dr. William Barrick of Masters Seminary offers two semesters of Hebrew grammar and two semesters of Hebrew syntax online for free. Not everybody learns well this way, but some do. If you can master the courses well enough to pass the entrance exam, you won’t need to take them at Central Seminary.

“Who Made You the Authority?”

June 26, 2017

Central Seminary alumnus David DeBruyn notes, “The Internet has not only granted full democracy to all ideas, it has tended to flatten out all judgement, and scrap a sense of hierarchy of trustworthiness.” He adds, “The democracy of ideas is simultaneously the pooling of ignorance.”

These words sound like an attack on the Internet, but it turns out that they introduce a serious question: If we need authorities to know what is true, but we need to know what is true to decide who our authorities should be, then what is the solution?

Read the answer at Churches Without Chests.

Sorry, wrong number?

May 23, 2017

A Zimbabwean pastor claims to speak to God on the telephone! Pentecostalism in Africa is growing and becoming more extreme all the time.

Another Baptist school to surrender?

May 19, 2017

Alabama Baptist Convention affiliated Samford University is set to recognize a gay-straight student alliance Samford Together at the recommendation of students and faculty. While not full advocacy of the gay agenda, such an action certainly mutes voices of opposition to the gay lifestyle. Read about the impending vote here. Sanford is home to Beeson Divinity School and is the alma mater of Southern’s R. Albert Mohler. Hopefully Alabama Baptists will act decisively and sever its ties if the school sanctions this alliance.

Just a few rocks, please!

May 19, 2017

My friend Andrew Snelling, an Aussie geologist and Bible-believing Christian, has been denied a permit to study and collect geological samples from the Grand Canyon, despite the fact that he has received such permission many times in the past. I was a part of a study trip through the Canyon a few years back with him. It was a stunning journey through the handiwork of God. So much for the spirit of free inquiry.

Idea for a Dissertation

May 12, 2017

“Tabula Rosa: The Use of Terra Cotta for a Cuneiform Edition of Locke.”

Memorial Gifts

May 8, 2017

Gifts have been given in memory of the following individuals.

WCTS Memorials

In Memory of Loren Lundahl

By Ms. Barbara Russell

By Ms. Helen Jansma

In Memory of Linne Peleski

By Mr. and Mrs. David Sedgeman

CBTS Memorials

In Memory of Maxine Harmon

By Mr. & Mrs. James Anderson (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Ms. Virginia Dewey (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Mr. & Mrs. Le Roy Gilbert (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Mr. & Mrs. Dapo Lawoyin (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Ms. Linda Russell (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Ms. Adella Snell (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Lindsey (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Mr. & Mrs. Dewey Russell (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Ms. Betty Hess (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Dr. Jim Conrod (Harmon Scholarship Fund)

By Mr. & Mrs. Rocky Ranch (Harmon Scholarship Fund)